Download multiMAN v04.01.02 per PlayStation 3: informazioni!

E’ stata rilasciata una nuova versione del famoso tool multiMAN per PlayStation 3, precisamente l’ aggiornamento alla versione 04.01.02. Per chi non lo sapesse, questo utile tool permette la gestione dei file della nostra console e soprattutto permette l’ uso delle copie di backup su PS3 modificate.

Ecco il changelog ufficiale prima del download:

* Added support for creating ISO/BIN+CUE images from PS2 CD and PS1/PSX CD *directly* to remote host
* Added automatic extraction of thumbnails after ISO/BIN+CUE is created (PS3/PS2/PSX/BD/DVD)
* Added support for displaying coverart/jacket for Blu-ray and AVCHD discs (if /HDAVCTN or /BDMV/META/DL folders contain jpg jacket-image)
* Added support for creating ISO files from folders to remote host (ISO is cached to internal HDD and then moved to remote host)
* Improved FTP transfer speed (up to 10MB/s over 100Mbit connection)
* Improved transfer speed from and to remote hosts (/net_host) (up to 10MB/s over 100Mbit connection)
* Improved scanning of remote host content folders
* Added support to set “External Game Data” for games/applications installed under /dev_hdd0/game or /dev_usb***/GAMEI (RELOAD.SELF required)
* Fixed few issues introduced in 04.01.01, related to displaying/refreshing Retro/Music/Photo columns

Per scaricare l’ aggiornamento, cliccare qui.

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