Rilasciato Lizard-Gecko 1.28 per XBox 360 Slim compatibile con LT+ 3.0: download!

Dopo l’ arrivo dell’ LT+ 3.0 per XBox 360, arriva anche l’ aggiornamento del tool Lizard, che diventa compatibile con l’ ultimo firmware rilasciato. Sono state anche rilasciate le informazioni per eseguire l’ aggiornamento…le ritrovate di seguito:

a) Update your Lizard to Gecko 1.28. If you have doubts check the Tutorial
b) Open Lizard Toolbox, Press “Get Device Details” to read Lizard Serial
c) Go to Settings Tab then press button “Get Lizard Updates”, this will first update your Lizard Toolbox Version to 1.51.
d) After the first update succed, repeat steps “b” and “c” to download an update the new Fileset (LTPLUS 3.00 b)
d) If you use the Standalone feature on Lizard you need also download the new SD File Pack LT 3.00b and extract on your Micro SD Card, you can grab it from the blog.

* Note: if you dont see the button “Check Lizard Update” on Lizard Toolbox, then it means your Lizard Toolbox version is too old, if thats the case then grab the latest Toolbox from the Downloads page)
Alternatively if you prefer do updates manually then grab the Toolbox 1.51 from our Downloads Page and the Fileset and the SD File Pack from the blog

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