Need for Speed The Run: patch con tanti miglioramenti e auto gratuite!

Arriva un interessante pacchetto da scaricare per tutti i possessori di Need for Speed The Run: tanti miglioramenti, fix e anche nuove auto…tutto completamente gratuito! Questa nuova patch può essere scaricata da Origin ed è disponbile anche per console (in questo caso richiede un piccolo pagamento).

Ecco il changelog completo del pacchetto:


  • 30 FPS cap is disabled when v-sync is set to OFF in advanced display settings
  • Miscellaneous fixes for gamepad and peripheral support
  • Tweaked reset behavior for a number of tracks in The Run where resets seemed too close to the main race route

Single Player:

  • When players go off track, they will be reset back onto the track instead of at the last checkpoint. Crashes will still result in a reset to the last checkpoint.
  • Fixed issue where Autolog split time HUD would sometimes disappear after a vehicle reset

Challenge Series:

  • Updated car images will now be displayed in Challenge Series loading screen


  • Added Quick Match option from multiplayer menu
  • Players now have the option to mute VOIP of other players in multiplayer sessions
  • Reduced unrealistic behaviors when multiplayer opponents drive off-road or collide with world objects
  • Fixed issue where sometimes icons wouldn’t display for playgroup members in the intermission screen
  • Animated recently completed solo and group objectives in the intermission screen
  • Display active objectives in the pre-race loading screen
  • Tabs will now auto-cycle during the intermission screen, manually tabbing between screens will disable the auto cycling
  • Countdown timers in MP will flash orange in the last 5 seconds
  • Will still display session rewards for players that finish the last race in a session after all other players have left the session
  • Hide the empty race results and session standing tabs in the intermission screen when joining a race in progress


  • Gallery – Fix to extend scroll bar for entire length of gallery
  • News – Fixed alignment of news list and top of news image
  • Friends – Now displays whether a friend is online, joinable or offline in player badge
  • Friends – Added option to join a friend’s multiplayer session from the friends list, if friend is in a joinable session
  • Photo – Now displays the proper error message when a photo upload fails due to being out of space

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