Dev_Flash File Spoofer Tool v4 per PlayStation 3: download!

Aggiornamento per questo utile tool che certamente molti di voi conosceranno: Dev_Flash File Spoofer Tool giunge alla versione numero 4 e trovate il link del download direttamente alla fine dell’ articolo. Vediamo prima quali sono le novità!

I upgraded my app with spoofer_pup_repack.exe. It does everything like spoofer_pup.exe but recreate a new PUP file with spoofed files for install to your PS3.
Remember, put your PS3UPDAT.PUP file and put this in command line of Cygwin (you can choose your version and image version):

./spoofer_pup_repack.exe 06.4000 99999

It must have the same number of digits ALWAYS, if not it gives you error on your PS3

./spoofer_pup_repack.exe 09.4000 12345  --> OK!
./spoofer_pup_repack.exe 06.4500 88888  --> OK!
./spoofer_pup_repack.exe 09.4000 1234   --> WRONG!
./spoofer_pup_repack.exe 09.40 12345    --> WRONG!

When it finished without errors you will see a PUP file named PS3UPDAT_SPOOFED.PUP, simply rename to PS3UPDAT.PUP and install it in your PS3.

Qui trovate il download.


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